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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sat Sep 17 17:54:30 AEST 2011

Martin Barry wrote:

> I did like the comparisons used in discussions about byte charging in Canada
> where someone calculated it was cheaper to buy an SSD hard drive, fill it
> with data, courier to the other side of the country and then throw away the
> drive.

Canadian providers are discussing byte charging because of the great increase
in consumers watching what they want (Netflixx anyone?) instead of forking
out for cable, e.g. they are finding consumers under 30 yrs of age are eschewing
cable TV completely for the net.

This is a demographic shift that Aus will be dealing with soon as well.

In Canada, for $40.00/month you can have cable TV and a few dozen HD channels. For
the same money you can enjoy unlimited content, 500 GB+ download plus per month
at 6 Mbps download.

Hey wait, that's about $80.00 for a TB of data. Which is about the same price
as a cheap 1TB hard drive. Courier charges not included.


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