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I've been thinking about these matters and reading the discussion on link.  For a long time now I have used a random character generator to create passwords and made it available for people to use.  After these discussions I added some random word generators so if you're interested, a description and download links are available here:

This doesn't address all the issues with passwords but it does help if you have to use them to access stuff on the net.

On 2011/Jul/23, at 10:40 AM, Roger Clarke wrote:

> A correspondent on BrowserID issues has asked me a question about the 
> use of 'password managers'.
> It prompted me to think about what guidance we give consumers (and 
> employees, students, etc.) in relation to passwords and their 
> protection.
> Surprisingly, a quick web-trawl found little of much use - although 
> there are plenty of 'how to select a good password' pages, some of 
> them daft (i.e. of the form 'make sure your passwords are so 
> complicated that you can't possibly remember them').
> It's good to see that this is better than most:
> http://www.staysmartonline.gov.au/factsheets/factsheet_15
> (I like this bit: 'To make a password easy to remember, think of a 
> pass phrase and then change some of the characters to make it a 
> strong password';  although the examples are unrealistic).
> Can linkers point to other useful guidance pages?


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