[LINK] Why are Google services so poor?

Ash Nallawalla ash at melbpc.org.au
Thu Sep 22 22:33:12 AEST 2011

You get what you pay for. Google has all kinds of glitches almost every day.

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> From: Roger Clarke

> 1.  Old searches are returning utter nonsense.

I don't know what utter nonsense looks like, but my search results look
plausible. If I search for "The Age", I see 2003, but then a gap until
2006-2007. Nothing after 2008-2009. 

> 2.  Entries prior to the current month have either disappeared into thin
air or
> are getting a fixed date of 31 Dec 1969 displayed for them, e.g.
> http://www.google.com/search?q=%22Australian+Privacy+Foundation%22&
> hl=en&gl=au&tbs=sbd:1,cdr:1,cd_min:2010,cd_max:2010&tbm=nws&source
> =lnt&sa=X&ei=Zsd6TvCEBMeTmQXJkL2iAQ&ved=0CBQQpwUoBg

Not seeing 31 Dec 1969 at all. This is sometimes data centre-specific. The
ones I am seeing now are,,,,

> 3.  2009 continues to be excised from the calendar

Perhaps for privacy reasons? ;)

> What Advanced Search currently generates for 2011
> http://www.google.com/search?tbm=nws&hl=en&gl=au&as_q=&as_epq=A
> ustralian+Privacy+Foundation&as_oq=&as_eq=&as_scoring=n&btnG=Searc
> h&as_drrb=q&as_qdr=a&as_mindate=1%2F1%2F11&as_maxdate=21%2F09
> %2F11&as_nsrc=&as_nloc=&as_author=&as_occt=any&tbs=sbd%3A1
> What it used to generate for 2011
> http://www.google.com/search?q=%22australian+privacy+foundation%22&
> hl=en&sa=X&ei=BxRsTeCwFImycde92Y0M&ved=0CBYQpwUoCw&source=ln
> t&tbs=nws%3A1%2Csbd%3A1%2Ccdr%3A1%2Ccd_min%3A1%2F1%2F2011%2
> Ccd_max%3A12%2F31%2F2011&tbm=

Yes, big difference.

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