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On 2011/Sep/26, at 11:26 PM, Paul Brooks wrote:

> On 23/09/2011 1:23 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:
>> And Paul, you're right, I calculated a curvature path instead of a straight through
>> path... However as the Cern path is hollowed out rock with the Neutrino's kept on
>> track by magnetic waves, the fifteen thousand tests unfortunately can't confirm that
>> the result would be empirically identical if run through solid rock without the
>> magnetic neutrino slingshot guidance system.
> Actually no - within the CERN ring the particles travel through a hollowed out tunnel
> steered by magnets - but these particular neutrinos were measured in Italy, approx 700
> km away from the CERN accellerator. The neutrinos were created in collisions within
> one of the CERN experiment chambers, and travelled through the earths crust on a
> straight-line path from CERN to Italy.
> Neutrinos from memory are not magnetic, and can't be guided by magnets, they fly off
> in all directions as waste.
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