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> On 26/09/11 08:36, Paul Bolger wrote:
> > Mines an Ideos (u8150). I'm inclined to agree that the 
> sound quality 
> > is not as good as the older phones ...
> The Huawei "Deuce" U8520-1 smart phone does not appear to have a good 
> antenna and the Vodafone 3G signal level in my apartment building in 
> Canberra is very low. As a result I had calls dropping out in the 
> stairwell. So I set the phone to use GSM (2G) instead. This 
> improved the 
> signal level and also improved the quality of the audio.

Goodluck with that in the future.

Both Optus and Telstra have announced plans to turn off 2G services to
recover spectrum to be used for (4G cough cough) LTE rollouts.

I guess there is no USO on being able to make an audible phone call on

Then again, it may be a ploy to get government to force the release of
more spectrum...


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