[LINK] Average Aussie Broadband Speed Is 348KBps

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Wed Sep 28 14:48:34 AEST 2011

Average Aussie Broadband Speed Is 348KBps

By Alex Kidman, Gizmodo, on September 26, 2011 (Interactive world map)

Those hanging out for the NBN might find the latest results of a global 
study of broadband speeds sobering reading. 

Australia doesn’t rank in the top five, but even high-speed countries 
like South Korea aren’t that blazingly fast either.

The low Australian average got to be down to the nature of averages — any 
low figures will tilt the figures downwards, after all. There’s still 
folks out there on low-speed 256kbps broadband, and that’ll spin the 
figures lower for everybody. 

Although for the competitive types; New Zealand has faster average 
broadband than we do.

Still, the map of Pando Network’s findings is fascinating anyway; for as 
much as South Korea might top the world, it does so only at an average 
connection speed of 2,202KBps. 

What’s more interesting is how fast Eastern Europe is catching up; the 
rest of the top five are all Eastern European nations, with Romania at #2 
(1,909KBps) Bulgaria #3 (1,611KBps), Lithuania #4 (1,462KBps) and Latvia 
at #5 (1,377KBps). 

I suddenly feel a lot better about my lousy home ADSL2+ service (although 
most of that is apparently my fault for living so far from the exchange.)



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