[LINK] Average Aussie Broadband Speed Is 348KBps

Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Wed Sep 28 19:37:39 AEST 2011

$quoted_author = "stephen at melbpc.org.au" ;
> Those hanging out for the NBN might find the latest results of a global 
> study of broadband speeds sobering reading. 

I'm not sure why. It's not clear how Pando measured or determined these
speeds so it's hard to say what they mean. Some more info other than the
average would be useful as well (sample size, mean, median, SD etc..).

A more interesting survey, and one more relevant to the NBN, would combine
what speed a household currently has versus what they would choose if last
mile, or other, limitations didn't prevent it. However that would be
horribly hard and expensive to conduct.


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