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Antony Barry tony at tony-barry.emu.id.au
Thu Sep 29 18:06:47 AEST 2011

On 26/09/2011, at 8:24 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:

> On 24/09/11 15:08, David Boxall wrote:
>> Not everyone has a smart phone. Everybody who's tried one in my area has
>> found data rates slow to zero. None of the smart phones has actually
>> worked as a phone. Not well enough to justify the purchase, at least. ...
> Yes. I purchased a Huawei Deuce U8520 Dual SIM Android Smart Phone last 
> week. It does not work as well for making phone calls as my old 2G flip 
> phone. The smart functions are useful, assuming I am in a location where 
> I can get the signal for them to work, but overall I have found the 
> experience disappointing: 

I have an iPhone on the 3 network and an iPad on Telstra. I spend a lot of time travelling to Sydney and Melbourne by bus and train to see grandchildren (off to Sydney for thee days in a week and to melbourne for two weeks at the end of the month). I find the 3 network very patchy and spend a lot of time roaming and strangely the need to reset the iPhone network settings for time to time but that might be the iPhones fault. It's patchy in suburbs and poor when travelling. Understandably Telstra is much better as I can usually get a connection on the highway but not so good on the rail line between towns.


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