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Webb, KerryA KerryA.Webb at act.gov.au
Thu Feb 2 10:45:41 AEDT 2012

David Boxall wrote:
> On 2/02/2012 8:26 AM, Webb, KerryA wrote:
> > ...
> > We have some bigger problems in our society that need solving.
> > ...
> There are always other uses for resources. Whether they're more
> important is a matter of opinion.
> Is what's most important all-important? Just because we see something as
> less important, should we ignore it?

I'd like to see a reasoned case for why more effort needs to be given to teaching Computer Science in schools.

Is it because a better understanding of Computer Science allows people to function better in society, similar to the justification of teaching Chemistry or Physics?

Or are we trying to address a shortage of skilled ICT workers in the community, by trying to enthuse schoolkids about Computer Science.

Should we be teaching Nursing Science for the same reason?


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