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At 10:45 AM 2/02/2012, Webb, KerryA wrote:
>Or are we trying to address a shortage of skilled ICT workers in the 
>community, by trying to enthuse schoolkids about Computer Science.
>Should we be teaching Nursing Science for the same reason?

Very good analogy, Kerry. I would answer a qualified 'yes' to the 
question about Nursing Science, but in a modified way. My opinion is 
that the time in high school is dual purpose: basic education and 
skills, such as continual development of reading, writing, maths, 
'social' studies (history, geography, etc.), hard science - i.e. 
academics. But I also think there are 'life skills' things like 
consumer issues (used to be covered in home economics) for all 
students, citizenship (preparation for participating in society - 
e.g. voting!), and career exploration. The Nursing, Computer Science, 
teaching, commerce, trades, etc. fit in that basket. You don't expect 
students to come out of high school as proficient in these areas, but 
having an idea of what those career areas are like so they can then 
decide which to pursue further after leaving high school, either in 
apprenticeships, TAFE or higher ed, depending on the required level 
of additional education and training.

Maybe the Career exploration subject is a set of modules and 
experiences so students can prioritise and taste them through 
shadowing, research, interviews, etc. Heck, it could even be offered 
online, with a good design and local partners for workplace visits. 
Does this exist in any schools?


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