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> Since the post office is pretty honest and reliable here, and the
> FedEx and UPS rates are extortionate, even without the customs
> charges, it is nuts to use them.

Thanks Michael, same here. There´s one hidden gem for international
shipments dubbed "EMS" (express mail service) which is a cooperative
venture by the world´s postal service administrations (at least those that
joined it).
EMS shipments provide end-to-end tracking (usually on the country-of-origin
postal service until it is loaded on a plane, and then on the receiving
country´s postal service once it´s unloaded from a plane).

I get EMS shipments from the US of A in 4 business days at best, 5 days
most of the time, including customs clearance.

(yes, dot-coop)

Of course both FedEx and UPS would like EMS to just go away, and GW Bush
did his bit to help, by creating a deliberately confusing service dubbed
"Global Express Guaranteed" which is actually a scheme to make the official
US Postal Service act as drop boxes for FexEx shipments. If someone
contracts USPS Global Express Guaranteed, your shipment is delivered by
FedEx, not the USPS or any other postal service.

So, my recommendation to anyone who would listen is to stick to EMS for
international shipments originating in the USA and avoid "USPS Global
Express" like the plague. Likewise for other countries that have EMS
service available.

More info here:

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