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Question: Don't you form your project panel before you go signing 
contracts to buy services? Or are they talking about a virtual control panel?

>Accenture wins Health data warehouse deal
>John Hilvert
>it News
>Feb 3, 2012 6:21 AM (1 hour ago)
>The Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA) has awarded Accenture a 
>$111 million contract to build an enterprise data warehouse to 
>support the Government's National Reform initiative.
>Signed on 22 December, 2011, the deal was not publicised until a 
>report in The Australian yesterday. A spokeswoman for the Department 
>told iTnews that "delivery is well underway".
>The spokeswoman affirmed that the data warehouse will be hosted on a 
>series of HP servers rather than a mainframe.
>Accenture will provide the core IT platform and enterprise data 
>warehouse (EDW) facilities for Independent Hospitals Pricing 
>Authority, the National Health Performance Authority and the 
>National Health Funding Body as well as Australia's Health 
>department and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.
>The deal forms only the first part of a very complex project. DOHA 
>still needs to establish a specialist data warehousing and business 
>intelligence panel. The RFT for that tender was also issued on 22 
>December, 2011.
>According to public documents, the key deliverables of the National 
>Health Reform Enterprise Data Warehouse Program was to:
>*   Build the ICT capability for national reform stakeholders;
>*   Build an ICT capability which is extensible over time to provide 
>access to data to States and Territories and other agencies as part 
>of health reform; and
>*   Ensure compliance with rigorous privacy and security standards.
>The RFT closed on 30 January and an announcement on this new panel 
>was expected to be made "in the next few weeks", the spokeswoman said.

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