[LINK] Understanding Google's new privacy policy

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Feb 3 10:12:02 AEDT 2012

Roger Clarke wrote:
> In other words, any undertaking that Google ever gives you is 
> completely worthless, because it can and will be reneged on.
> APF's fuller analysis of the problems is here, and is in front of the 
> OAIC and ACCC: 
> http://www.privacy.org.au/Papers/Google-TP12.html#Chges

Had a quick look at the above. Is Google's new privacy policy in breach of
any current or desirable laws?

My understanding of the Privacy laws is that users are entitled to ask
Google what data they have on them and have it deleted - perhaps this needs
to be incorporated.

Skype and Facebook also hold private/personal data for/on their users.
Similar issues arise for email servers - everyone from bigpond, gmail,
hotmail and the Cloud.

What about the use/amalgamation of private data by companies such as NRMA
and other insurers eg Banks?

I don't quite understand what the issue is for youtube users - is the
concern about private videos???

Policies are not enforceable without laws and despite Sarbanes Oxley's
extreme scrutiny of financial transactions, we still had the GFC!

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