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On 2012/Feb/03, at 10:12 AM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:

> Roger Clarke wrote:
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>> In other words, any undertaking that Google ever gives you is 
>> completely worthless, because it can and will be reneged on.
>> APF's fuller analysis of the problems is here, and is in front of the 
>> OAIC and ACCC: 
>> http://www.privacy.org.au/Papers/Google-TP12.html#Chges
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> Had a quick look at the above. Is Google's new privacy policy in breach of
> any current or desirable laws?

It's a good question.  IANAL of course but I don't believe that Google secretly giving your data to the US government under the Patriot act would pass European privacy laws.  

> My understanding of the Privacy laws is that users are entitled to ask
> Google what data they have on them and have it deleted - perhaps this needs
> to be incorporated.
> Skype and Facebook also hold private/personal data for/on their users.
> Similar issues arise for email servers - everyone from bigpond, gmail,
> hotmail and the Cloud.
> What about the use/amalgamation of private data by companies such as NRMA
> and other insurers eg Banks?
> I don't quite understand what the issue is for youtube users - is the
> concern about private videos???
> Policies are not enforceable without laws and despite Sarbanes Oxley's
> extreme scrutiny of financial transactions, we still had the GFC!
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