[LINK] Elite Anti-Terror Police Went After Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom

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Describes the amazing over-reaction of elite special tactics counter terrorist police arresting the megaupload boss.  American policing comes to New Zealand. 



> The armed police went into the indoor play area which had 3 kids inside – one aged 3, one 4 and another 15 months, together with their Filipino nannies. From there they proceeded to one of the nannies' rooms, kicked the door down and demanded to know if she had any firearms – or bombs.
> Tempero said he asked the nanny twice if she was sure they asked if she had bombs – she said she was. "Maybe that's the kind of thing that Filipino nannies do," Tempero said.


> Dotcom had actually followed a prearranged plan formulated by his bodyguard which involved him hiding in the "Red Room" to ensure his safety. Tempero was asked what would have happened if a couple of police had simply turned up and asked for Dotcom to come down.
> "He would have complied with everything, we would have sat at the large table, he would've probably offered them breakfast and he would have complied with everything," Tempero said.
> "Would he have done anything to destroy the hard drive, to take down Megaupload?" 3Newz asked. "Certainly not, why would he? He would be destroying his defense," Tempero responded

> Despite the massive police and apparent counter-terrorist operation against him, Dotcom was in the Red Room alone for more than half an hour.
> "If Kim had a Doomsday setup where he could delete his harddrive or takedown Megaupload, would there have been sufficient time for him to do that had that been his intention?" questioned 3Newz.
> "He could've done that within seconds," said Tempero.

NZ TV report:

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