[LINK] Gillard announced a $620 million deal for two NBN broadband satellites.

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What does 12 megabit download speeds actually mean?  Shared by how many people?


> NBN satellites
>   Photo: An artist's impression of the two satellites the Government plans to launch. (Twitter: Julia Gillard)
> This morning, Ms Gillard announced a $620 million deal for two satellites from the company building the NBN.
> The satellites, to be built by US-based company Loral, will be launched in 2015 and will provide broadband coverage to about 200,000 homes and businesses based in the most remote parts of Australia.
> The satellites will deliver download speeds of 12 megabits per second which the Government says is faster than most cities can currently receive.
> Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says the deal will help "bridge the digital divide".
> "The satellite service that this announcement covers will see a quantum, a leap in service for the most remotest communities," he said.
> The Prime Minister again pointed to Mr Abbott's plans to scrap the NBN if he wins the next election.
> "What we will see if he is prime minister is the end of the car industry; what we will see if he's prime minister is the ripping of the fibre out of the ground and Australia falling behind the standards of the world on this technology."
> Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull says there is no need for the new satellites.
> "There is more than enough capacity on existing satellites and satellites that are scheduled to be launched already," he said.

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