[LINK] Telstra Clouds its Profit Results

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> But BigPond customers would have signed up with Telstra under the 
> reasonable expectation that their data was stored locally, by Telstra.
> Telstra has confirmed that these customers will need to sign a new 
> set of terms and conditions to allow the company to host the data 
> offshore.

Chuckle Chuckle.
Let me see, obtaining 4.5 million alteration of Terms of service with
signature (at a minimum cost of $30.00 each) versus building a local
data server centre...
(That's 135 million worth of Australian built and maintained Data
Centre.) My guess would be the Telstra LIVE contract doesn't approximate
that level of costs.)

And further, I would guess that no-one is left at Telstra that can drive
a cost benefit spreadsheet. (They've all moved to the NBN....)

Of course Telstra could always do the "Small print on the bottom of the
next invoice: By paying your Bigpond account, you agree to these new
terms and conditions."

One would hope that the Privacy commissioner is across these types of
non-compliant coerced customer agreements and vigilant enough to enforce
the legislation.


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