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At 02:39 PM 10/02/2012, Paul Brooks you wrote:
> >> The modules have video, text notes, quizzes and other materials (all
> >> does with Flash).
> > Well there went the iPad users. Not a very wise choice.
>to which choice do you refer - the app developer, or all the users 
>choosing the
>crippled viewing platform?

I don't own an iPad, but friends who do bemoan the fact that they 
can't do flash on them. True or not true? If someone is building a 
learning system that ignores iPads, they do so at their peril, 
especially given the story today that Apple is worth more than 
Microsoft and Google combined. Then again, maybe India is on a 
different trend re tablets.

I see (after I wrote this initially), the it may not be a problem at 
all in India. I missed the $35 Android comment re tablets???? or was 
that just phones?


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