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> On 10/02/12 15:40, TKoltai wrote:
> > ... Indians are buying mainly el-cheapo Android phones and tablets. 
> > ... Tom probably missed the discussion last mointh on the 
> 35$ Indian 
> > Android Pad. ...

Sorry Tom, I didn't follow the thread.. It was actually Jan's comment
about iPads that I incorrectly attributed to you.
As most unix persons love to hate Flash, and you're a Lecturer (all
teachers love Apple, are either greenies or Democrat loving Unix 10.x.x
users), I just assumed that you were the one bemoaning the iPad's fate.

On 10/02/12 09:39, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> At 09:19 AM 10/02/2012, Tom Worthington wrote:
>> The modules have video, text notes, quizzes and other materials (all 
>> does with Flash).
> Well there went the iPad users. Not a very wise choice. ...

Flash has its problems, but the idea of having national on-line 
curriculum materials is an interesting one.

> Not sure which Tom you thought missed the discussion of cheap tablets 
> for Indian education, but this one did not: 
> http://blog.tomw.net.au/2011/10/indian-50-aakash-tablet-computer.html
> By the way, ABC TV broadcast the documentary "Revolution in the 
> Classroom" (Four Corners, 6 February 2012), suggesting use of 
> computers 
> in schools had little benefit: 
> http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2012/02/06/3421391.htm
> In my view this program missed the point that computers had a benefit 
> when combined with new teaching techniques which freed the 
> teacher from 
> routine lessons, so they could help individual students: 
> http://blog.tomw.net.au/2012/02/revolution-in-australian-class


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