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EU court: Web sites need not check for IP breaches

February 16, 2012 - 9:20PM

An EU court is ruling that social networking 
sites can't be compelled to install general 
filters to prevent illegal trading of music and other copyrighted material.

The EU Court of Justice ruled Thursday that 
requiring such filters, covering all the site's 
users, would not sufficiently protect personal 
data or the freedom to receive and impart information.

SABAM, a Belgian company that represents authors, 
composers and music publishers, had objected to 
the practices of Netlog NV, a social networking 
site, claiming users' profiles allowed protected 
works to be made available illegally.
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In November, SABAM lost a separate case in which 
it sought to require Internet service providers 
to install filters that would prevent the illegal downloading of files.

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