[LINK] IPA, astroturfing and fantsy themes

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> Unrelated aside: I'm reading a book by Robert Winston 

So far so good.....

> (the British doctor with the black curly hair and mustache) 

Wow. In that one little comment, we have espoused the difference between
la and le.

Vive la difference.

Thank-you Jan, in a single sentence, you just managed to rewrite the
entire book entitled "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars".

Most chaps wouldn't care what Winston looked like, and merely offer an
ISBN number...
With that one comment you turned Robert from a meaningless Bib ref into
a real person and I can even see him. 

Must be a thing that Author's do to teach their readers about

(Except I am now curious if he is tall or short.) <Grin>

> titled Human Instinct 
> (2002). It's an evolutionary perspective on human behaviours which 
> includes consideration of gender relationships, kinships, and big 
> issues like violence, competition and co-operation. I won't go into 
> detail here, but can recommend it as a broad discussion of how we 
> humans 'work', pretty much from a biologically determined level, even 
> in how we interact with each other, even politicians!
> Jan


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