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At 14:39 +1100 17/2/12, TKoltai wrote:
>  ... I will not assist in the promulgation of this dastardly meme. ...

John Lions did the world a disservice by bringing back a copy of the 
Unix kernel, annotating it, and giving it to 1,000 Australian Compsci 




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>>  Cell Phone Hackers Can Track Your Location Without Your
>>  Knowledge ScienceDaily Feb. 16, 2012
>>  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/02/120216165701.htm?
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>>  cedaily+(ScienceDaily:+Latest+Science+News)
>>  [Picked up from Lauren Weinstein's list]
>>  Cellular networks leak the locations of cell phone users, allowing a
>>  third party to easily track the location of the cell phone user
>>  without the user's knowledge, according to new research by computer
>>  scientists in the University of Minnesota's College of Science and
>>  Engineering.
>This is not research. It's a bunch of kids that went to a burning man
>conference, saw the neato UMTS wireless messaging system running in the
>desert, grabbed the source and decided to raise awareness for their own
>project (grant application, doubtless) by attempting to turn Fourth
>All this does is make other persons aware of the potential. By other
>persons, I refer to the bored 14 years olds looking for their next big
>"Tag" game.
>Cellular hand-off data (except for CDMA) has been widely used for a
>number of years.
>To grab it you merely need to run a UMTS compliant transceiver device
>(about $1500) on some ISM frequency close to that used by the carriers
>and offer a service... Most phones will respond with a unique
>identifier, some with additional information.
>This is not news, it's a glorified Facebook Wall post from a Kid worded
>to look like a peer reviewed paper.
>I'm disgusted that his doctoral advisory panel would even consider
>letting this item escape under the auspices of a learned institution.
>I believe that Universities have an obligation of "Duty of Care" in what
>they teach their students.
>Just as "Satan" relapsed a Genie out of the bottle in 1994 and it's
>source gave 10,000 Asian Compsci students the ability to hijack almost
>every aspect of TCP, I believe this *COUGH* research is a similar
>I'm angry at this. This Genie has the ability to destroy the entire
>Phone Wallet potential. Which I thought was a kinda neato way for
>consumers to take back banking.
>Sorry Folks, no References. I will not assist in the promulgation of
>this dastardly meme.

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