[LINK] Hacker Access to Mobile-Device Location

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> >  ... I will not assist in the promulgation of this 
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> John Lions did the world a disservice by bringing back a copy of the 
> Unix kernel, annotating it, and giving it to 1,000 Australian Compsci 
> students.
> Discuss.
> (:-)}

Ahhh, but he didn't, and; System III Man pages were so woefully absent
that no-one actually knew how to do anything with the damn thing.
The guy we should shoot is the dude that gave him the BSDI man pages.

......And of course anyone that then wrote a Unix Howto manual.

Oh. I see, you're being funny. 
OK, Take Two..... Unix is an opsys. An Opsys is a tuned collection of
mostly co-dependent tools. Sockets(IOCTL) is a tool. SATAN used IOCTL to
break the intended functionality of the Transport Layer.

I don't think we can compare File Sharing (SYS III) with Phreaking,
which is essentially the argument you are offering.

Before you answer, when the Uni of Wgong distributed Sys III you
doubtless remember that there  was no such thing as pre-packaged
software release versions.

In fact the whole history of the Unix wars comes down to the fact that
the only way to distribute software in the early days of computers with
all the "NEW" disparate CPU's was in sourceware format. Otherwise the
customers couldn't compile the damn thing.


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