[LINK] Google sued by Safari user for bypassing privacy controls

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At 03:17 PM 19/02/2012, Jan Whitaker wrote:

>Wow, Rick! We in the privacy advocacy business would settle, for now,
>for a right to sue! (we don't have in Australia and it's state based
>in the US, not federal, at least from a privacy perspective as far as
>I know).

Clarification. In the US, privacy protections federally are for 
dealings with US govt agencies (which is how our Australian act 
started until about 2000 when private sector compliance was added), 
with some exceptions like health and the wire-tapping laws which is 
what was mentioned in that article. There really isn't a national 
privacy protection act for private business in the US as a whole. 
Those are done at the state level because of the way the US 
Constitution operates.

IANAL, either, but I am pretty sure I have that right now.


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