[LINK] Propaganda, manipulation and the abuse of media [Was: IPA, astroturfing and fantsy themes/Science under attack]

TKoltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue Feb 21 21:07:56 AEDT 2012

In the face of such overwhelmingly obviously factual rebuttal, I am
forced to concede that aiming for the man is always easier than aiming
for the ball.

Aiming for the ball takes skill, knowledge dexterity and something you
two obviously know little about, Passion for your topic.

Factually, Frank and David, your empty personal ad hominen attacks logic
is unfortunaely refutable, but the emotive fight or flight response is
so highly charged on this issue, that you are unable to open your minds
to contra-evidence.

Evidence researched by leading Australian Climatologists.

Quote/ [From:

In Australia two more biologists, Michael Roderick and Graham Farquhar
were intrigued by another paradoxical result - the world-wide decline in
something called the pan evaporation rate.

PROF GRAHAM FARQUHAR (Australian National University): It's called pan
evaporation rate because it's evaporation rate from a pan. Every day all
over the world people come out in the morning and see how much water
they've got to add to a pan to bring it back to the level it was the
same time the morning before. It's that simple.

NARRATOR: In some places agricultural scientists have been performing
this rather dull daily task for more than a hundred years. PROF GRAHAM
FARQUHAR: The long-term measurements of pan evaporation are what gives
it its real value.

DR MICHAEL RODERICK (Australian National University): And the fact that
they're doing the same thing day in day out with the same instrument.

PROF GRAHAM FARQUHAR: Yeah, they deserve a medal. Each of them.


NARRATOR: For decades, nobody took much notice of the pan evaporation
measurements. But in the 1990s scientists spotted something very
strange, the rate of evaporation was falling.

PROF GRAHAM FARQUHAR: There is a paradox here about the fact that the
pan evaporation rate's going down, an apparent paradox, but the global
temperature's going up. 

So there it is. Concrete evidence that pollutant particles in the air is
actually causing a cooling of the planet and not a warming.

Research by leading researchers, not on big company corporate payrolls.

Vis, the 100 years of Pan evaporation data by ordinary Australia

Wow. Must be more of 'dem luddites...

In closing, I regret to say that there are many experiences missing from
my life and that my experiments with mind altering substances didn't
actually pass THC and ridiculous quantities of alcohol.

I'm almost happy to leave it there, but should you not publicly withdraw
your nasty vindictive personal attack accusing me of consuming hard
drugs, I suggest modst emphatically that your legal bill over the next
few months will dramatically increase.

On the topic of killing all Koltai's, you might like to know that
millions of Hungarian Jews changed their name in 1939-1944 to Koltai to
escape the exact fate that you outlined for me.

In fact, my 13 year old father's Aunty Janka changed his name to Koltai
to save him from the Gas Camps. So your wish was almost granted.

I know withdraw from the field on this topic and leave it to the

Tom Koltai.

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