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At 09:15 AM 27/02/2012, Tom Worthington wrote:

>e-Health Records
>The Personal Electronically Controlled Health Records programs of the
>Government has some problems and looks expensive. But like the NBN and
>computers in schools, these programs are relatively cheap when compared
>to the potential benefits and savings. They are also going well compared
>to other programs, such as the "Home Insulation Program".

That's a joke, right? going well? Hardly! There is something like a 
30% plus staff turnover rate at NeHTA. They have managed to tick off 
the software suppliers big time. There is no hope of them ever 
meeting a July 1 start date. Their enabling legislation is terribly 
flawed. Plus 'benefits and savings' for whom? There is NOT a bit of 
evidence of it helping health outcomes. None. Nada.

If what you've posted is what this guy said, he has lost even more 
credibility. If this is your opinion, Tom, you're missing what is 
happening in that space.


>ps: I am a member of the ACS Telecommunications Board, but the views
>expressed here are my own.

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