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I have decided not to bestow credibility on the speed by reporting it as 

Mr Fletcher probably didn't expect what he received after the speech, 
which was a well-informed and demanding media audience, rather than the 
house-trained denizens of the Canberra gallery.

Whatever may appear from the content of the speech, the empty-shell 
nature of the LNP policy became clear under questioning; Mr Fletcher 
declined or dodged so many questions as to alienate a great many 
journalists present in the audience.


On 27/02/12 9:29 AM, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> At 09:15 AM 27/02/2012, Tom Worthington wrote:
>> e-Health Records
>> The Personal Electronically Controlled Health Records programs of the
>> Government has some problems and looks expensive. But like the NBN and
>> computers in schools, these programs are relatively cheap when compared
>> to the potential benefits and savings. They are also going well compared
>> to other programs, such as the "Home Insulation Program".
> That's a joke, right? going well? Hardly! There is something like a
> 30% plus staff turnover rate at NeHTA. They have managed to tick off
> the software suppliers big time. There is no hope of them ever
> meeting a July 1 start date. Their enabling legislation is terribly
> flawed. Plus 'benefits and savings' for whom? There is NOT a bit of
> evidence of it helping health outcomes. None. Nada.
> If what you've posted is what this guy said, he has lost even more
> credibility. If this is your opinion, Tom, you're missing what is
> happening in that space.
> Jan
>> ps: I am a member of the ACS Telecommunications Board, but the views
>> expressed here are my own.
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