[LINK] Role of Government in National ICT Policy

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Tue Feb 28 08:43:11 AEDT 2012

On 27/02/12 09:29, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> At 09:15 AM 27/02/2012, Tom Worthington wrote:
>> e-Health Records
>> ... going well compared to ... "Home Insulation Program".
> That's a joke, right? going well? Hardly!

This is no joke: a badly designed eHealth system could kill a lot of
people and waste hundreds of billions of dollars by misdirecting health 
resources. So far NeHTA have not killed anyone and are less than a 
decade late with delivery, so they are not doing to bad in comparison 
with other government funded projects.

> If what you've posted is what this guy said, he has lost even more
> credibility. ...

I did provided a link to the full text of Paul Fletcher's speech, if you 
you are not happy with my summary.

> If this is your opinion, Tom

Yes, this is my opinion, apart from the comments I am attributing to the 
MP. I thought I made this clear by writing: "the views expressed here 
are my own".

> you're missing what is happening in that space.

My knowledge of eHeath developments are somewhat limited. I have talked
to some of the people associated with building eHealth
systems for Australian companies and advising on the design of the
standards. But I am by no means a specialist in the area. If you have
information and opinions about the programs, you may wish to share them, 
so we know what is happening.

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