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> > I could repeat my Volcano CO2 output calculations, but think that 
> > linkers that have the IQ to not mindlessly follow the herd 
> should do 
> > it themselves...
> I did this when the Icelandic volcano erupted.
> Turned out the volume of CO2 emitted from the volcano was 
> approximately 
> the same amount of CO2 not emitted from the grounded planes.
> Human CO2 emissions dwarf volcanic emissions.


If everyone started Spoofing from address, who would we all reply too ?
If we live in a country where people feel they need to spoof from
addresses, what does that suggest to us ?
A very sad indictment on the psychological well being of knee trembling
political pseudo-scientific types.

Change can only be achieved by constantly testing the status quo for
accuracy and relevancy.
If I wanted a discussion with Anonymous, then I would log onto a proxy
If you wish to have a discussion with moi, then please have the decency
to uncloak.

I don't believe Australia has turned into a Fascist state yet, or was a
I asleep at the time ?


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