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> > Warmly
> LOL. I´ve been reading this debate with great enthusiasm.
> I wonder, however, if continuing rambling about global 
> warming on the net doesn´t actually increase global warming.
Only if the heat from the servers is being sequestered under some
mountain that then turns out to be a not so dormant volcano....



I could repeat my Volcano CO2 output calculations, but think that
linkers that have the IQ to not mindlessly follow the herd should do it

And the web is much more likely to crash from Google's artificially
manufactured walled garden.
I'm serious, Baidu is now a more honest search engine than Google...

Don't believe me ? Try to do an anonymous search on Google and see what

And as the Chinese have a higher population to proportion their damaging
CO2 creating searches against, I suggest everyone uses Baidu to save the
planet. (Cyber CO2 Warfare... ;-) ) 
(Bing isn't really an alternative as the underlying search goes straight
through Google's cache.)
Green Power - Yeah!!!
I couldn’t help wondering though in one of my more lucid moments.. Is
green power related to Black Power or the colour black or red and the
9th or 10th month by any chance ?
Nah!!! I'm obviously having bad dreams again. Gotta change my diet. 
Although noticing the BOF twitterings after each of my postings... I
think my BO must be affecting people... Or perhaps a Jungian
interpretation including Pluto Mars and Uranus might be the cause. No of
course not... Astrology isnt a science... Scientists have spent 80 years
and billions of dollars proving that astrology isnt a science. (Wonder
why they felt they had to do that ?)


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