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> Yup,
> Just add Wikipedia and its contributors to your long long 
> long list of climate change conspirators who are all in it 
> for the money.

Sure Frank... As soon as you can name just one pro-Global Warming
Scientist that isn't on a payroll... In other words, someone retired.
Because, the converse is true, there are many no longer in the employ
who claim that Global Warming is a fraud. In fact there are many that
used to be employed that are no longer, because they said Global Warming
was a fraud.

I note that you have now changed the terminology to Climate Change...
Why is it now called Climate Change ?
Wasn't it called Global Warming ? 

It's a bit like putting 50 cents each way...  Or let me put it more
bluntly... In a casino, when punters bet on either black or red... The
only winner is the house. The Punters ALWAYS lose.  


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