[LINK] So is it Global Warming or is it Climate Change ? - Was - The Dangers of Exec Summaries

Frank O'Connor francisoconnor3 at bigpond.com
Mon Jul 2 13:10:00 AEST 2012

I was just making a statistical observation, Tom ... of a trend that seems established in all your debates ...

Everyone who supports global warming ... vast global conspiracy ... all marching to the tune of some over-riding conspiracy drum ... all 'agin me ... communist conspiracist assholes ... 

On your part ... everybody else is wrong not me ... a prophet is never believed in his own land ... Messiah complex ... paranoia unlimited ...

It's all out there for the rest of us to see.

Strange you don't see it.
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>> Yup,
>> Just add Wikipedia and its contributors to your long long 
>> long list of climate change conspirators who are all in it 
>> for the money.
> Sure Frank... As soon as you can name just one pro-Global Warming
> Scientist that isn't on a payroll... In other words, someone retired.
> Because, the converse is true, there are many no longer in the employ
> who claim that Global Warming is a fraud. In fact there are many that
> used to be employed that are no longer, because they said Global Warming
> was a fraud.
> I note that you have now changed the terminology to Climate Change...
> Why is it now called Climate Change ?
> Wasn't it called Global Warming ? 
> It's a bit like putting 50 cents each way...  Or let me put it more
> bluntly... In a casino, when punters bet on either black or red... The
> only winner is the house. The Punters ALWAYS lose.  
> TomK

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