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> > I should leave well enough alone...
> You and me both ;-)
> > When Scientists stop hamming it up for the press, then I guess your 
> > comments above might be taken with some seriousness until then...
> That would have been the 1970s and 80s. They found that no 
> one would listen to 
> them until they started hamming it up for the press.


Actually, Gordon,

I'm getting a bit sick of being the Knight on the white horse carrying
the "Global Warming is a Crock" flag... So I will answer only your last
question... With your indulgence. 

> Will the sky also fall if the threat model used by defence to 
> determine its 
> spending is wrong?

Err, most definitely yes.

As global temperatures continue to fall. Salt water inundation gets
worse as a consequence of those non existent undersea volcanoes, the
worlds food production will become gradually more critical.

Australia needs to dramatically step up both it's food production
capacity for export and it's military budget. 
Although I believe that if any Northern gun toters want to head south,
there is little we could do to dissuade them.
Which of course leads us to examine the Swiss defence mechanism.
Force everyone to take basic and three weeks active every five years (I
think) and arm them with semis and ammunition.
Who would ever want to invade a country where every citizen is armed.

The disarmament attempts of the Howard Government have failed with the
bad guys in the Western Suburbs of Sydney (most likely) outgunning even
the NSW Police...

For a population as small as we have on a continent as large as
Australia, the Swiss example may be the only logical long term option.

Anyone that believes that a couple of flying squadrons, half a dozen
grey ships and a couple of regiments is going to defend us in an actual
war, for more than three days, is dreaming.


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