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"Knight on a White Horse"

Can anybody spell 'narcissistic'?
On 02/07/2012, at 2:58 PM, TKoltai wrote:

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>>> I should leave well enough alone...
>> You and me both ;-)
>>> When Scientists stop hamming it up for the press, then I guess your 
>>> comments above might be taken with some seriousness until then...
>> That would have been the 1970s and 80s. They found that no 
>> one would listen to 
>> them until they started hamming it up for the press.
> <SNIP>
> Actually, Gordon,
> I'm getting a bit sick of being the Knight on the white horse carrying
> the "Global Warming is a Crock" flag... So I will answer only your last
> question... With your indulgence. 
>> Will the sky also fall if the threat model used by defence to 
>> determine its 
>> spending is wrong?
> Err, most definitely yes.
> As global temperatures continue to fall. Salt water inundation gets
> worse as a consequence of those non existent undersea volcanoes, the
> worlds food production will become gradually more critical.
> Australia needs to dramatically step up both it's food production
> capacity for export and it's military budget. 
> Although I believe that if any Northern gun toters want to head south,
> there is little we could do to dissuade them.
> Which of course leads us to examine the Swiss defence mechanism.
> Force everyone to take basic and three weeks active every five years (I
> think) and arm them with semis and ammunition.
> Who would ever want to invade a country where every citizen is armed.
> The disarmament attempts of the Howard Government have failed with the
> bad guys in the Western Suburbs of Sydney (most likely) outgunning even
> the NSW Police...
> For a population as small as we have on a continent as large as
> Australia, the Swiss example may be the only logical long term option.
> Anyone that believes that a couple of flying squadrons, half a dozen
> grey ships and a couple of regiments is going to defend us in an actual
> war, for more than three days, is dreaming.
> TomK
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