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Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jul 2 21:26:34 AEST 2012

"Purchased not invaded". More feasible than "invaded".

In modern history, how many times has there been a successful invasion, 
at continental scale, when the invasion was resisted by someone with 
resources comparable to that of the invader?

I can think of one such example: D-Day, which required international 
co-operation (ie more than one invader), and if historians are right, 
could have failed. It also required the invaded party - Germany - to be 
already under resource-stress, and Germany was defending territory that 
wasn't its home territory.

Finally, Australia is seriously big. No territory of Australia's scale 
has ever been "invaded" against a comparable defender. Actually, I don't 
think it's ever actually been attempted.


On 2/07/12 4:01 PM, Richard Archer wrote:
> On 2/07/12 2:58 PM, TKoltai wrote:
>>   For a population as small as we have on a continent as large as
>>   Australia, the Swiss example may be the only logical long term
>>   option.
> Misattributed to Yamamoto, but a great quote nonetheless:
> "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle
> behind every blade of grass."
> There would be rifles behind most gum trees if Australia was invaded. At
> least I would hope so!
> But it seems we're perfectly happy to sell all our most productive
> country (mines, farmland) to overseas interests, so no doubt we will be
> purchased not invaded.
> ...R.
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