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Instead of all the things I'd like to say,
I will merely reply with a link:

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We didn't swallow the Nazi propaganda immediately but it didn't arrive
in bulk.

Get a grip, Tom.  Equating your dispute with Wikipedia content with the
rise of Nazism in Europe last century is pure fantasy.

The the organisations are about as different as is possible: Wikipedia
is an extremely open organisation, eg: it publishes it's processes,
decisions, history and sources; it aims to publish independently
verifiable information; it has an open membership policy; it has zero
direct political power; it is not a political party and doesn't even
have a political credo except the general principle that the open open
and free dissemination of knowledge is worth pursuing.  It's
philosophical principles are pretty well antithetical to Nazism -
Wikipedians would have been among the first people locked up. 

With all due respect to your father, I seriously doubt that he would
have considered the activities of Wikipedia equivalent to Nazism.  You
have co-opted him for emotional support.  You are presenting us with two
alternatives: (1) Wikipedia is a form of Nazism or is heading in that
direction, or, (2) you think in associative narratives which you are
unable or unwilling to reality test.

Wikipedia does say this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin%27s_law 


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