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The other aspect of Trove, worth noting, is the integration of the
digitised collections and catalogues of other Australian and international
libraries, Galleries and Museums.

The resistance of the National and state Archives may be futile.

For some searches I go to Trove rather than Google.
Check  it out at http://trove.nla.gov.au/

Roger Clarke wrote:
> The NLA has done brilliantly wit its Trove service.  Of particular 
> note is the scanning-and-OCR of old newspapers, combined with 
> crowdsourcing.
> Browsing its most recent Annual Report (no, it's not my bed-time 
> reading - I was looking for something specific), I see that it's also 
> making some inroads into materials that are still under copyright:
> "The Library also recently commenced a fundraising campaign in 
> collaboration with The Canberra Times, in order to digitise 
> in-copyright issues published between 1955 and 1996. It is hoped that 
> the first stage of this major project, 1955 to 1975, will be 
> completed in time for the Centenary of Canberra celebrations in 2013. 
> Digitisation of The Australian Women's Weekly, undertaken in 
> association with Australian Consolidated Press and the State Library 
> of New South Wales, was completed in November 2010. The first 50 
> years of The Weekly, representing 232,000 pages of articles, 
> photographs and advertisements, which offer a unique insight into the 
> social history of Australia in the twentieth century, are now freely 
> available to the public. In addition to these collaborative projects, 
> the Library has continued its regular digitisation program, adding 
> 12,907 items online this year, including photographs by Peter 
> Dombrovskis, E.W. Searle and Wes Stacey and selected maps and music".
> Nicely pitched, I reckon.  People who aren't totally convinced of the 
> cultural value of the Women's Weekly may feel differently about 
> Dombrovskis' priceless collection of Tasmanian upland photos.

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