[LINK] RFI: ADLS2+ Performance

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Thu Jul 5 15:43:55 AEST 2012

I've had major problems with TPG's ADSL2+ service during the last 2 months.

I've only just got it fixed, because I was overseas for most of that 
time.  My house-guests had to put up with continual dropouts and 
non-accessibility, which were sporadic, and variable in how they 

So did I for the first week I was back.  I lost about 6 hours in 
examination of and experiments with all within-house components, and 
I lost a moderate amount of my limited hair in frustration with 
unavailability of content.  (All of my material is on my own local 
device - and will never be solely in the cloud.  But a lot of my 
material is better formatted and more easily searched in its 
web-manifestation than on my own local device;  let alone the vast 
array of other people's resources I normally have on tap).

To be fair to TPG, the 3 or 4 calls and 1 email that I put in were 
promptly and reasonably well handled.  (That's so rare in my 
experience with ISPs that it really does need to be said).

The service has now been reliable for 24 hours.

That's after 'Jerome', presumably in Manila, "increased the 
signal-to-noise ratio [on the DSLAM] at the exchange".

Can anyone explain, or point to an explanation of, what that really means?

Thanks, as always!

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