[LINK] RFI: ADLS2+ Performance

rene rene.ln at libertus.net
Thu Jul 5 17:23:45 AEST 2012

On Thu, 5 Jul 2012 16:47:41 +1000, TKoltai wrote:
> The ADSL problem is further exasperated by the merger of Chime,
> iiNet, Netspace, and internode, giving young Michael a logistical
> headache of needing to merge incompatible billing and switching
> systems together whilst fighting a rearguard action on NBN sale
> incursions into his DSL patch...

NB: Internode is not being merged with iiNet. Internode continues to run as 
a completely separate business - i.e. the billing systems etc are not being 

> The dropouts are caused by oversale of the ports on a DSLAM. (Just
> like the heady dotcom days where the free ISP's might have 100 users
> all vying for use on a solitary modem.

> By altering their timeouts to shorter and shorter number of seconds,
> more and more users can be allocated to the same DSLAM.

I very much doubt that's the cause of dropouts. I had recently had a stable 
connection for 28 days with SNR margin of 8-9 dB. Suddenly the SNR margin 
dropped to 3 dB and so the ADSL connection dropped out. The modem resynced 
at 16 dB margin and during the next approx 15 minutes the SNR margin jumped 
between 16 dB and 9dB and then became stable at ~15 dB. Nothing to do with 
the ISP. Imo, highly likely someone in the geographical area turned on some 
piece of equipment that doesn't have proper electromagnetic interference 
supression (or something like that).


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