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9. Retrospective reload of archives a double-bonus

If you've got a mailman archive such as link's massive resource, at:
the list admin or at least sysadmin should be able to load it up.

But does anyone know of a way to backload from personal 
email-archives, retaining the dates of the original postings?

If you just did a bulk re-post (prior to switching on all the 
subscribers of course!), it would add them all as-at the date of the 
bulk re-post, not as-at the date of the original posting.

At 10:12 +0930 10/7/12, Anthony Hornby wrote:
>A library user group we participate in has lost its mailing list host.
>My institution may be able to fill the gap (we use mailman) - but
>before taking the plunge I thought I'd ask on this list if there are
>good free or low cost solutions hosted in the cloud you have had
>experience with. Recommendations for email list alternatives also
>1. Disparate user group - need to be able to register users from many
>2. Self registration with moderation preferred.
>3. Good moderator / management tools
>4. Email interaction needs to be seamless and intuitive - most users
>familiar with email
>5. IT literacy of the group variable - users from very wide range of
>backgrounds and in very different roles at their organisations.
>6. Simple and easy to manage.
>7. Needs to keep content private.
>8. Searchable archives a bonus.
>Thanks a lot !
>Kind Regards,
>Link mailing list
>Link at mailman.anu.edu.au

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