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Jan Whitaker jwhit at janwhitaker.com
Tue Jul 10 12:47:27 AEST 2012

Has anyone else noticed the increase in NSW stories in The Age online?

I don't mind the new clean look of the articles, but the content is 
far less relevant to Melbourne readers than in the past. I just 
opened a story about an increase in complaints about online vouchers, 
only to find out this is in NSW and dealt with by the NSW government. 
If the story had a national flavour, I could see its relevance, but 
it's just been sourced from Sydney. Nothing to even include an 
example in Melbourne or Victoria.

Half the time these stories from NSW are confusing because they name 
places I've never heard of or name a town that has the same name as 
in Victoria, but is really in NSW. You would think that if The Age 
online is going to re"print" NSW stories they would at least have the 
nous to put NSW early enough to let the reader know. It's like when 
organisations send out invitations to some event and don't bother to 
tell you it is in NSW, they just assume you would know that because 
it's the centre of everything, right?

/soapbox rant

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