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Hi Jan,

The solution might be to go with the really local papers
> It's a brave new world and Latte Leftie is doing his best to adjust to changed circumstances in the media job market....


Jan Whitaker wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed the increase in NSW stories in The Age online?
> I don't mind the new clean look of the articles, but the content is 
> far less relevant to Melbourne readers than in the past. I just 
> opened a story about an increase in complaints about online vouchers, 
> only to find out this is in NSW and dealt with by the NSW government. 
> If the story had a national flavour, I could see its relevance, but 
> it's just been sourced from Sydney. Nothing to even include an 
> example in Melbourne or Victoria.
> Half the time these stories from NSW are confusing because they name 
> places I've never heard of or name a town that has the same name as 
> in Victoria, but is really in NSW. You would think that if The Age 
> online is going to re"print" NSW stories they would at least have the 
> nous to put NSW early enough to let the reader know. It's like when 
> organisations send out invitations to some event and don't bother to 
> tell you it is in NSW, they just assume you would know that because 
> it's the centre of everything, right?
> /soapbox rant
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