[LINK] Digital disaster as online security firm loses personal data in the mail

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Tue Jul 10 15:17:26 AEST 2012

At 02:58 PM 10/07/2012, David Boxall wrote:

>Why was it detected as SPAM? The fact that all the links point to
>send. ladoo. com. au/ might have something to do with it.

Now that is interesting. Is that a 3rd party mailing service?

I have been watching this happen with a few government agencies who 
outsource their distribution procedures.
I looked them up. They appear to be a content management service.

The reason I raise it with departments is because they are handing 
over mailing lists to a 3rd party without consent, not to mention the 
tracking processes embedded in their emails. I have not succeeded in 
getting them to acknowledge that this is a potential breach of the 
privacy act. The best I could do with one organisation is unsubscribe 
and insist that they contact the 3rd party to remove my email address 
from their database. Of course I have no way of knowing if the latter 
part occured. And to date I haven't seen any advisory on any mailouts 
from other government departments to indicate to the receivers that 
the mail is coming from a 3rd party.


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