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Tue Jul 10 16:06:22 AEST 2012

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 02:36:44PM +1000, TKoltai wrote:

> The term "Signal to Noise Ratio" can and is used for many different
> purposes.

*ALL* of which are related to information transmission or extraction in
one form or another.

contention ratios are not related to information transmission. they're
related to the supply and demand of resources.

words and phrases have meanings, they're not just arbitrary noises or
letter-sequences. if they didn't, they'd have extremely low or zero SNR
and communication (in any form) just wouldn't work.

you can't just redefine them to suit your own idiosyncracies without
making it clear that you're using a novel or unique coinage.

or, in other words:

Information advances an intervening dictionary near the controversial
procedure. Nonsense breaks before a guest slang. Information sweeps
without the infant. The pedal forces an oil beside a damaging curry.
Does information steal nonsense? Nonsense caps information against
the landlord. Information awaits the stone in the wood. Information
cruises into nonsense. Nonsense assumes the rush tragedy. Can
the architecture do an idiot? Information addresses the nastier
sarcasm. Information waves into a dilemma. Nonsense jackets the major
into a fume. Information zones nonsense beside the relationship. Can
nonsense rot below the wombat?


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