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It's very US centric but applies to Australia pretty well.

On 2012/Jul/22, at 10:34 AM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> This one is critical. I watched a TED talk (I 
> think it was) where the debate over privacy 
> included a law enforcement person, probably a 
> detective, who does investigations. Bottom line 
> take-away: if you ever find yourself in front of 
> a LEO, don't say much of anything but 'have a 
> nice day' and call legal representation. His 
> point was that you don't have a clue why he or 
> she is asking the questions. You don't know if 
> YOU are the target or just an innocent 
> by-stander. People have an ingrained value, 
> generally, to help the community, and police prey 
> on that. It's just what they do.
> I was quite surprised at his revelation, but if 
> you think about it, it makes sense. They are 
> there to do a job, not protect YOU. In the main, 
> police are nice people. They just view the world 
> through a far different lens than us mere mortals 
> with little power. And that's why these pushes 
> for more and more surveillance and data 
> collection (the current ASIO/AFP push) is dangerous.
> We live in a crazy mixed up world.
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