[LINK] If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear

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At 10:59 AM 22/07/2012, Kim Holburn wrote:
>It's very US centric but applies to Australia pretty well.

That's the video. Thanks Kim.
Unfortunately, we don't have a protective Constitution and a Bill of 
Rights. That's one thing the US has going for it (mostly), despite 
the recent craziness of the Colorado shootings (legal access to those 
fire arms and 6000 rounds -- what, was he starting an army?) versus 
the "safety" protections against importing Kinder Surprise (illegal 
and 2 detained at the border: 
[I almost took some back on my last trip; glad I didn't!]) 
Unfortunately, it is that same Bill of Rights that allowed the 
murders in Colorado.

Again, a very mixed up world.

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