[LINK] BARACK Obama has been re-elected for a second term as US President

Jim Birch planetjim at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:53:32 AEDT 2012

tomk wrote:

This is the President that oversaw the disappearance
> of more money during his tenure than all the previous presidents in the
> US put together since the formation of the Federal Reserve.

This sort of oo-ah factoid is economic drivel.  Obama became president as
the GFC hit.  He didn't create the GFC.  The decline in the US budget
position (if that's what you mean by "disappearance" of "money") during his
tenure is basically due to a loss of receipts as the country - and the
world - went into a massive recession.  This is not to argue that that he
has been a perfect economic manager, just that any serious judgement on his
performance would require an analysis that goes beyond election slogans and

> A historical analysis of the lead up to the Weimar republic has a
> fascinating correlation to what appears to be happening in the USA now.

Fascinating to the paranoid.  It's actually a different situation in a
radically different world.

> Free Money, A Trillion here, a Trillion There...
> http://youtell.it/willtell/?p=163 <http://youtell.it/willtell/?p=163>

Not a reliable source for a sane world view.  One click bought up this
little gem:

"Anthropologists have expressed dismay at the falling fertility rate,
dramatically added to by the  widespread adoption of abortion being
utilized as a contraceptive. Of course this leaves our politicians with
only one source of  continuing population (taxes) growth… immigration."

Where does one begin with such a confused, simplistic, racist rant?

Lots of people imagine they understand economics.  In the vast majority of
cases it is ideological wishful thinking, hubris or just plain stupidity.


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