[LINK] BARACK Obama has been re-elected for a second term as US President

tomk tomk at unwired.com.au
Thu Nov 8 16:47:53 AEDT 2012

On 8/11/2012 9:23 a.m., Jim Birch wrote:
> tomk wrote:
>     This is the President that oversaw the disappearance
>     of more money during his tenure than all the previous presidents
>     in the
>     US put together since the formation of the Federal Reserve.
> This sort of oo-ah factoid is economic drivel.  Obama became president 
> as the GFC hit.  He didn't create the GFC.  The decline in the US 
> budget position (if that's what you mean by "disappearance" of 
> "money") during his tenure is basically due to a loss of receipts as 
> the country - and the world - went into a massive recession.  This is 
> not to argue that that he has been a perfect economic manager, just 
> that any serious judgement on his performance would require an 
> analysis that goes beyond election slogans and clichés.
>     A historical analysis of the lead up to the Weimar republic has a
>     fascinating correlation to what appears to be happening in the USA
>     now.
> Fascinating to the paranoid.  It's actually a different situation in a 
> radically different world.
>     Free Money, A Trillion here, a Trillion There...
>     http://youtell.it/willtell/?p=163 <http://youtell.it/willtell/?p=163>
> Not a reliable source for a sane world view.  One click bought up this 
> little gem:
> "Anthropologists have expressed dismay at the falling fertility rate, 
> dramatically added to by the  widespread adoption of abortion being 
> utilized as a contraceptive. Of course this leaves our politicians 
> with only one source of continuing population (taxes) growth… 
> immigration."
> Where does one begin with such a confused, simplistic, racist rant?
> Lots of people imagine they understand economics.  In the vast 
> majority of cases it is ideological wishful thinking, hubris or just 
> plain stupidity.
> Jim

You're probably right Jim. Although I don't see how a humourous [see 
posting tags...] Republican slanted video (with Australian stars) has 
anything to do with monetary policy [but nice "change of subject matter"].
Although ... back on O/T, I'm still ideologically wishing I had a 
banking license that was located in a non-Brics nation... but I'm still 
pretty sure I can see Klingon's off the starboard bow.


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