[LINK] Request to Qantas to Keep Offering Plain Text Email

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Thu Nov 8 20:17:37 AEDT 2012

At 01:18 PM 8/11/2012, Karl Auer wrote:

>Whatever else it is, this move is *arrogant*. "We are changing things to
>suit ourselves and don't bother replying". Not a good look, but somehow
>not unexpected from the current Qantas management.

I heard on the radio coming home this evening they are/have sacked 
~500 people, mostly engineers. The person interviewed, who was called 
the Qantas economist, sounded like he was a teenager. His 
justification was that when a company loses as much money as Q 
reported at the their AGM, they have to cut costs, so the employees 
shouldn't have been surprised.

Re the html format, I know the sender has done that when my text only 
display shows absolutely nothing, except maybe the unsubscribe link.


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