[LINK] University Green IT Guidelines

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Thu Nov 15 10:25:23 AEDT 2012

> No figures on existing emissions or ewaste are given and no targets are 
> set, so the USQ's commitment to ICT Sustainability is questionable.

It's a policy, not a discussion of strategy to meet the University's broader target of "carbon neutral by 2020".

My criticism it that it is too discursive and not prescriptive enough. That probably reflects the low political power of ICT, and its need to argue rather than require.

> The document is the equivalent of 2 A4 pages and at 159 kbytes is not 
> efficiently formatted, thus wasting ICT resources.

If you'd stopped the criticism at "2 A4 pages" I'd have agreed that is was contradictory -- promoting less printing whilst issuing the policy in a format which is designed for printing.

But the size of a document tell you nothing about the resources used to disseminate it. That web server might be using 50W, it might be using 5000W. It might be 100% busy, it might be 99% idle.

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